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At Last a Prosperity
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Are you tired of prosperity promises loaded
with hype, warm fuzzy mantras, penny pinching
methods and risky investment strategies?

How would you like to increase your income

regularly without working harder or longer and
without financial risk 
discovering 7 simple concepts?
My students have and you can too!

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Dear Friend,

I'm going to make you a promise. Even though
you might not know me, I'm going to make
you a promise anyway. And that promise is that
I will never offer you anything unless I have proven
it first in my own life. I live what I teach and I've
proven it many times over before I share it with you.

Hi, my name is Duke Clarke and for 35 years I have taught the practical application
of God's Laws both biblical and universal for personal and professional success. For
the last 20 years I have focused on prosperity in all areas of life, especially in the
area of finances. I have taught this all over North America, Great Britain and Europe.

Why should this matter to you…for the last 5 years I have been
personally coaching individuals to greater financial and personal success
and now I have put the essential keys of this process in a book just for
you. Once you learn the keys to increasing your income you can repeat the
process over and over again for as long as you like.

Time Magazine 9-18-06Time Magazine thought this was such a hot topic they made it their cover story for September 18, 2006. Find out the answers for yourself, let me show you the truth about God's desire for you to be successful and prosper.

If You Think Money Solves All
Your Problems-Consider This…

First of all, let's be clear about it, I am talking about financial prosperity.
I focus on prosperity now, in this life, because I believe that God wants us to
prosper NOW! 

However, if you think that all you need is money to solve all of your problems,
just take a few minutes and think about the lives of lottery winners or anyone who
comes into large sums of money unprepared. They receive this huge sum, more then 
they have ever dreamed of and yet they end up with more nightmares than they
could have imagined. Most of them end up back at their jobs within a few
years with no money and a lot of pain.

It's not just the money that you need; anyone can work for a pay check, anyone
can make money. But how do you prosper? How do you attract prosperity? How do
you leverage prosperity? How do you keep it coming?

I Don't Want Happy Thoughts-I Want Results!

I am not here to teach you arm-chair mantras where you try to talk your
way into wealth and prosperity. Right thought has its place but it is only
one component of a much bigger package and if you don't know how that
package works you can sit around all day with happy thoughts and that's
all you will have.

You have free will to think anything you want to think, but your thoughts alone
will never win out over your core beliefs. Change the core beliefs and your
prosperous thoughts will now be in harmony and you will produce what you desire.

I have spent years teaching people how to do this and it is a simple process
but you must get it right in order to reproduce your results whenever you
choose. A lot of people stumble into the formula, but then when they try to
reproduce it somehow the recipe has vanished. Let me show you how to do it
over and over again

Three Simple Concepts That Could Fill
Your Bank Account Repeatedly

To start with, here are 3 simple concepts that I explain in my book.

1.    How to Attract Prosperity
2.    How to Keep Prosperity
3.    How to Enjoy Prosperity

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Of course it does and almost everyone will say,
"I already know how to do all that!" Well, if they do, why aren't they getting
big results?

Only a few really know HOW to attract prosperity.

A lot of people know how to work for money. They might even know how
to leverage money. But few know how to attract money.

The second thing is keeping it. I know people who bring in huge amounts
of money but they get rid of it as fast as it comes in. Keeping it is NOT a
matter of financial planning, it's a mental shift and until you learn that
mental shift, keeping money is like trying to pick up water with your
bare hands.

Finally, everyone THINKS they know how to enjoy prosperity. Then why
are there so many miserable wealthy people. Spending is a very small
part of enjoying it.

What Do You Have in Common
With the Richest People in the World?

Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and
YOU-what do all these people have in common? Let's start by realizing
that they were not ordained or destined to be wealthy, they didn't inherit
the money instantly, and they are not "special" people.

Most people want to talk themselves out of prosperity by bringing up how
different they are from the wealthy, how the wealthy had breaks, how the
wealthy had opportunity, how the wealthy had people to help them, and
before long these naysayers have established beyond a reasonable doubt
why they have no prosperity. Then comes the saddest part of all-they
accept it.

So what do you have in common with the richest people in the world?
They by their free will took an idea and turned it into reality.

You also have the free will ability to take an idea and make it your reality.
You've already done it many times; you just didn't realize what you were

When my wife and I built our first home it was just an idea on paper,
in less than 6 months we slept in that home which was previously just a
dream. You have done the same with jobs you wanted, relationships
you dreamed of and other desires in your life-you just didn't understand
the process.

Is it Luck? Is it Destiny?
Or Could Prosperity be a Decision?

I used to think that some people were destined to be
prosperous and others were not. For the first 16 years
of my professional life I worked inside the organized
Church system.

After we parted ways, I started to ask myself some serious
questions. Was God really against people prospering or is
that just what I was told. I saw plenty of people in the
Bible who prospered, so why wouldn't it still be true today?
And why should a minister, who was supposed to represent
God, be poor and beggarly?

The first year that I was on my own, my annual income was $35,000
and I thought I was doing great. After applying these biblical concepts of
prosperity, my income started to soar.

Soon I hit 10 times what I made that first year and I had to laugh
because I knew there was no limit to what I could produce.

You will find out in my book that God really doesn't care how much
you make as long as you keep the principles straight.

Was I lucky? Was it my destiny? No!

I just made a decision to attract, keep and enjoy prosperity
and you can too.

Can a Blue Collar Worker Prosper?

I have been asked if a Blue Collar worker could prosper with
my program. Well, a student of mine repairs tubs and showers for a living.

He has been applying what I've taught and told me last January that he made
over $100,000 this past year.  This man in his 50's went
on to tell me that he was on schedule to do even better
this year!

He didn't change professions or make any investments, he
simply applied what I taught and made a decision to prosper.

Can an Hourly Worker Prosper?

A friend of mine called me a few years back and
asked, "Duke, can an hourly wage worker prosper with your

I said, "Absolutely, in fact I think the hourly worker
can benefit the most from this program because he or she can
learn that their prosperity is not limited to the hours they
put in. Prosperity is in direct relation to a person's
acceptance of the abundance around them and I can show you
how to do that."

His vision of himself has increased so much that he now has
started a music career and recorded his first CD; oversees the care of
his mother in an assisted living facility; and travels around
the country while still working at the same job which he loves!

Can a Housewife Working Part-time Prosper?

A housewife who is in my coaching group
wrote me about moving into her dream home which all the
Realtors told her was not available.

She wanted a home next to a park, in her present school district and
in the price range they had set. So every day she would drive around the
parks on her side of town even though everyone told her she was crazy.
But when you know how The Way of Prosperity works, you don't allow
people to talk you out of it. Here is what she wrote me:

"Things have gone so well for us and are continuing to flow.
We got another unexpected $400 check in the mail yesterday.  
It's so wild to think of where we were not that long ago and
the change in our expectations and results.  We needed/wanted
many new things when we moved in and have received most of
them with plans for the rest. We had exactly what
we needed to pay off the other mortgages and put the 20% down
for closing costs. Then somehow we had money for a new roof, stucco
and possibly windows on the lower level!  We got new beds for
the kids, bedroom suit for daughter, new bedroom suit for us.  
None of these things looked possible before and although I
really don't understand it all or can completely explain it,
it's still happening. It's kind of like moving, we just had to
make the decision and put the house on the market...quit talking
about it and take action.  

Thanks for continuing in The Way of Prosperity and teaching this to others!"

More People are talking: _________________________________________________________________________

 "This material is the kind of thing a man would pass down to his
children and grand-children. I devoured it in one sitting and will
proceed to read it again and again. If you need a review or any
feedback please let me know. How do you teach prosperity?
This is how!"

K. Kibodeaux, NJ

"This book is great! I've never seen anyone put it all together like this."
 R. Cheek, Albuquerque, NM

"I am rapidly becoming a fan of yours.
I did purchase the online book it is excellent as are your daily emails.
Good work"
K. Delany, PA

"Two things real quickly - late December I made the decision to take
the kids with us to Italy - $5,000 - and decided to go for the extra 2 days
for all of us as well - another $1,800.  Been carrying a little card in my
pocket every day since then, recording each week the money we were
putting aside in a separate account.  Watching it grow, attracting more. 
On March 15, we needed to pay the balance, $6,300.  I had absolutely
no intention of putting this on the credit card.  Recently I got a gift,
unexpectedly, and it completes what we needed - I have the amount
more than two weeks before it is due. 

And, decided to put aside every $5 bill we get for spending money in
Italy. It's amazing, have never seen so many $5 bills- every time we
 get change, do they give us a ten? No. It's always two 5's - we laugh
everyday and it just keeps growing."

M. Verdicchio, Phoenix, AZ

"I thank you for all the useful, pragmatic and God centered information
you have provided in your publications: I purchased and read
(1) "The Way Of Prosperity," (2) "Prosperity In The New Economy";
I just ordered your "God Wants You To Prosper Foundational Class."

Thank you very, very much,
M. Cook, NY

So What is This Book About?

The book is:

The Way of Prosperity:
The 7 Stages of the Prosperous Mind.

What will you discover in this book?

Live the life most only dream of...

Imagine being able to get up in the morning and not have to worry about paying your rent or mortgage. To be able to think about what you want to do with your life rather than what you need to do this week. To go through an entire day and not be concerned about your finances. All of this is possible when you have the prosperous mind and know how to use it.
Before I publish the book on the open market, I am putting it in an E-book so you can download today, PLUS I will send you a CD with the book on it in a PDF file so you don't have to download it if you would rather wait. This will only be available for a limited time. 

The book is written as a fable, a story told “in olden times” about a young man, Jason, who is seeking answers which he finds from the Master of Betheden. All 7 stages are taught by the Master in lessons that Jason must apply to get results. Even though this story is told in a different time, the laws are eternal, this means that they will work regardless of your culture or situation—they work as well today as they did thousands of years ago.

This is not a process that takes years to accomplish. How long does it take to change a thought? Everything really is just a thought away. But the key is how do you keep the thoughts you want and get rid of the thoughts you do not want? This process is like nothing you have ever seen before and it will work.

If you order NOW, I will send you the CD containing the book plus a transcript of my CD “Prosperity in the New Economy” a $21.95 value by itself.

Also on the CD I have put two entire months of my Member Site Blog from 2006. Members pay $99 a month for this site.

Also as an added Bonus I will include two priceless articles written in the early 1900's by Orison Swett Marden. His original books can only be found in book stores who specialize in rare books, but I have had them transcribed just for you. In addition I have put on the CD the entire book, Prosperity: How to Attract It also by Marden. I am enclosing a gift within the book, so you will need to read the book to discover it.

So you get:

1. The "Way of Prosperity" E-book(downloadable immediately if you want)
2. "The Way of Prosperity" book in PDF on a Data CD mailed to you
3. The transcript of “Prosperity in the New Economy” on the Data CD
4. Two months of my member site 2006 Blogs on the CD
5. Two priceless and timeless Orison S. Marden articles on the CD
6. The entire book of Prosperity: How to Attract It by Marden on the CD
7. And special gift inside the book

A total value well over $395 all for the special online price today of only $39.95.

Because this is a download I can't offer a money back guarantee, so instead I am giving you 10 times the value of what you pay. The Marden book alone is worth close to $40.

So click on the order button below and you will be taken to the order page where you can fill in the information and then be taken to the download page to receive your book immediately along with some of your bonuses and I will mail you the Data CD right away.

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Let me offer you some priceless articles written
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of the original Prosperity Thinkers.
His name was Orisen Swett Marden.
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Find out the keys to the prosperous mind today and start the increase of abundance in your life.

To your success and prosperity,

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Duke Clarke

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